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Valuation For Insurance

Valuation for Insurance

Valuation for Insurance

Over the years we collect many pieces of valuable jewellery, items from our own jewellery collections and often jewellery that has been bequeathed to us. A valuation for insurance is a document you may be required to present to your insurance company that will state many details about the precious pieces of jewellery including its current insurable value.

It is important to ensure that you keep these documents up to date with current market values. Often in times of economic change Diamond and gold prices alter too, this is in turn may increase or decrease the value of your jewellery. You may find your pieces of jewellery are over insured meaning you are paying an unnecessary premium or alternatively your jewellery is under valued and as a result you are not covered for the full value of the item.

Unlike may other jewellers on the high street, we complete valuations for insurance here in our shop. We pride ourselves on our speedy service and often are able to complete this within a couple of days (excluding weekends and bank holidays), depending of course on how many pieces of jewellery you require valuations for. Many other places charge a percentage of the value of your items, here at Portman Jewellers we offer a fixed fee for this service, so you will already know the cost when collecting your precious jewellery.

We offer other types of valuations also, including probate and personal interest. We also buy old, damaged and unwanted jewellery too!

Bring your items in at your convince and we will happily discuss with you which pieces of jewellery may require valuations for insurance and how long we expect this to take.

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